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Years in the making, an idea by our very own Odd Modlin, who is an avid Podcast listener. Who has time nowadays to read blog sites, remember to check sites, follow sites, rss feeds and all those other platforms that you cannot do in your car. Grab our weekly podcasts and listen to them on your way to work, or at gym or even in the shower. We cover all things SharePoint, Office 365, Azure and pretty much anything that touches Information Management in the Microsoft arena.

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We've scoured the world to bring you the greatest SharePoint news from our local shores and also inland. The best minds, ideas, products and ventures, in South Africa, by South Africans

Episode 77 - March Bumper News Edition - Teams Everywhere

Another week, another episode of 2GAS. We spend the entire episode talking about everything new in SharePoint and mostly Teams for March 2024. I don't think there's anything we dislike. Check us on YT youtu.be/apQSvo_UI0A

Episode 76 - Building Zero Trust Into SharePoint And Teams

Hello, is it us that you are looking for? We are back at it with your fortnightly dose of all things SharePoint and Microsoft 365. In this episode, we cover all the latest news, from February as well as talk about what you should be thinking about when wanting to secure your SharePoint and Teams content with Zero Trust. Find us on YouTube as well. youtu.be/diJQjtcNHD0

Episode 75 - Effective Communication in Microsoft 365

After completely missing the deep dive session in episode 74, we decided that this weeks episode was going to focus on communication and collaboration in Microsoft 365 and what we feel you should look for when deciding what product to use in the stack. Check them out on YouTube as well. www.youtube.com/watch?v=IX2u2Q2zzX4&t

Episode 74 - January 204 News for SharePoint and Teams

Any week, another episode. Rod and AL started the show hoping to get into a Deep Dive about Viva, but alas, they were soo excited about the news, that they ended up skipping all of that. In this episode they cover all the news about SharePoint and Teams in January of 2024. Let us know what you think. Check them out on YouTube as well. www.youtube.com/watch?v=IX2u2Q2zzX4&t

Episode 73 - Are Intranets still valid in 2024

Yes, this is not a test, we are back from the dead. Shoutout to all our listeners for being interested in what we talk about. We will keep doing this until SharePoint ceases to exist, which will be never, so we apologize, but you are stuck with us. In this episode, we continue with the usual segments of news, noteworthy things, and Rod’s Go with the flow, including our DeepDive topic: Are Intranets still valid?? Real questions with real world answers right here on the show. Let us know what you think. If you want to watch the show, head over to YouTube https://youtu.be/NlH0SiXsDcQ

Episode 72 - 2024 baby - 2023 Recap + AI

Almost 4 years in the making and after a RONA-Batical, the boys are once again back, although, we said that in 2020. This time we are really, really back, bringing you a wrap up of 2023 and and a topic “deep” which in this case is AI, cos its all the rage. In this episode we walk through what’s new and exciting for SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams, what’s coming next year and we also chat about that industry topic that has everyone crazy, “AI”. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show. If you want to watch the show, head over to YouTube https://youtu.be/Z_de4QaQZEg

And in 2020 - They have come from the future

We interrupt your regular programming. Wait, what? Did you say those 2 Guys from SharePoint are back? WHAAAAAT!!!! Yes, we are back! The Modlin has now recovered from fatherhood and has found time in his day to record hopefully weekly. And naturally AL is amped. We cover all the new Microsoft Teams features and some SharePoint ones too. Grab it now!!!! WE.ARE.BACK.

Round and Round we went, and we came back

This is your captain speaking. The 2 Guys and SharePoint ship has docked and the boys are back!! In this weeks episode, they take a look back on 2019, what was good, what was bad, what they enjoyed and what the did not. They also talk about 2020, and as always, cover the latest Office 365 announcements. Plus!! Rod has brought back the "PowerShell Commandlet of the week"! Super exciting stuff!

Not your average SharePoint and O365 show.

Episode 69 - D'arce Hess - SharePoint Bumper News

Another Fortnight, another episode. This could actually work. (AL snickers in the background). AND finally after repeat and failed attempts, we managed to get D'arce Hess on the podcast. (4th time lucky). AL chats to her about the shift in User Experience in SharePoint and what she is doing currently. As always, we smash out some news because this is a SharePoint show afterall. Hit the subscribe button people, you know you want to.

We are on every fortnight, not on FortNite.

Episode 68 - The Working Edition - Phil Worrell

We are on every fortnight, not on FortNite. And that is not Phil's pic. And apparently AL's interview is the best audio we have received from him yet. We chat to Phil Worrell about what really goes in when working on a cloud migration, what to look for, what the pitfalls are and how to remain sane. As always, we bring you all the news from the last week and also Rod's epic "insert segment name here" segment!

We are back! Like a season of The Grand Tour

Episode 67 - Office 365 in South Africa - Darrell and Loryan DWC

And we are back!!! Feels like a new season of The Grand Tour! Maybe we should do seasons? Well its good to have AL and Rod back in the studio after Rod has been on daddy-daycare. AL managed to catch up with Darrell Webster and Loryan Strant at this years Digital Workplace Conference in Australia to chat about the state of their O365 DC. As Always, we bring you all the M365 news and views as well!

When 2GAS gets excited about stuffs.

Episode 66 - The most SharePoint Episode EVER!

Our first real episode of the year! Just AL and Rod, getting excited about SharePoint. We nearly fainted after seeing all the coolness being released for SharePoint. We talk events, the new SharePoint Modern features being added as of last week and as always, the usual news, more news and then Rod does he stuff about Flow or PowerApps or whatever he talks about.

Hello 2019, you looking mighty fine over there.

Episode 65 - The Panel on 2019 predictions - Special Feature

Kicking off this year, we rounded up, well almost had to pay our guests to come on the show to discuss what is in store for 2019, the year of the pig. Who better to do predictions about the direction of all things Microsoft than Warren Marks (The Heckler) and Brandon Botes (Man Crush Monday). Suffice to say, Rod and AL did well to keep this episode under 900 minutes.

Goodbye 2018, Its been real. We loved you.

Episode 64 - Our Year in Review - Its not your grandfathers SharePoint

And just like that, 2018 is over. #SadPanda. Also, in a rare coincidence, Rod and AL got to record this episode together in person!! We take a walk down 2018's memory lane and cover what we felt were the highlights of 2018..

AL is still in Puerto Rico, this time with other people

Episode 63 - Erica Toelle - The Puerto Rico edition

We continued to abuse AL in his travels and got him to sit down with Erica Toelle at SharePoint Saturday PR. AL and Erica talk Records and Information Management and also grabs Erica's views on where the Microsoft world is heading. As always, we cover all the latest news. This week we looked at some cool Teams dev stuff and also the v2 of the SharePoint Migration Tool. And Rod does his Flow (meh) things.

AL goes to Puerto Rico, Finds another dev guy part 2...

Episode 62 - Paul Swider - Can you Blockchain?

On more of AL's travels, that we exploited, he found himself in San Juan with none other than Paul J. Swider. We should have spread Paul's interview over 4 episodes cos there's pretty much nothing that he doesn't know. We talk to him about the state of SharePoint dev and a ton of other stuff. As usual, In The News, a few retirements and Rod decided to talk about Kaizala because he changed his segment yet again!!.

AL goes to Seattle, Finds another dev guy...

Episode 61 - Jace Moreno - The Teams Guy

We flew AL to the mothership!! Who are we kidding, he was just there, in Seattle, so we sent him out to do stuff. Anyhow, he tracked down the guy driving the Teams Dev conversation, Jace Moreno. Jace shared with us his thoughts about where it is all going. Teams that is. And then the usual News stuff with a new take on Rod's original segment, now called The PowerShell Power Hour (In 4 minutes).

When 2GAS meets a Dev Dude. Dev On!

Episode 60 - The DevOps Ninja, Ruaan Erasmus

For the first time in the history of 2GAS, we have a non-SharePoint guest on the show. The DevOps Ninja/Surfer, Ruaan Erasmus. We chatted to him about his view of the developer world. Not that AL understood a word he said. We carry on covering the news from Ignite and also talk about the new org wide Teams functionality. Rod apologizes for the sound. Now that one arm is firmly holding his baby, only one hand gets used for editing.

There are more Modlins, Rod has a boy!

Episode 59 - Ignite Recap - Soo much of Awesome!

We are happy to announce that our host, Rod Modlin is the proud father to a baby boy, hence the delay in usual programming. We wish him all of the best, in this new sleep deprived world he now lives in. Back to the program. Our resident traveller, AL, headed to this years Microsoft Ignite to grab all the news about SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Azure, etc and we cover all of them in this weeks episode!

Hello podcasters, our old friends.

Episode 57 - The Hiatus Edition

We are Back!!! After a Hiatus, Rod and AL are back to "full speed ahead". We are still working through apps for the best audio so no guest on this week. AND in this weeks show, we talk about... drum roll... Teams is free! Yes, Free. Soo much of Awesome. AND, Groupify is finally here. Lastly, some hardware news, the usual Flow stuff and lots of the same goodness!

The Microsoft Maven has arrived!!.

Episode 56 - Heather Newman - The Glitter Episode!

A year in the making, we finally, finally managed to track down Heather Newman for this weeks show. Apparently, not even a blizzard could stop her from delivering everything that's fantastic about SharePoint and Office 365! You are our 2GAS Maven! We also talk all things new to SharePoint Online this week as well as some more feature parity between Skype and Teams. AL and Rod are still fighting over PowerApps and Flow. Will it ever end??

We are not Worthy, We are not Worthy!.

Episode 55 - Liz Sundet - Hub Sites are here!

We are celebrating Women in IT this month and second up is Liz Sundet. All we can say is WOW! This woman has 4 lifetimes of accolades, certificates, etc. She plays over 9 instruments and then still drops some mad SharePoint and Office 365 skills and is now learning BI. We are not worthy! We also talk hub sites, the Common Data Service, Guest Access for Planner, Teams retention policies and Rod ONCE AGAIN schools us on all things PowerApps and Flow, and much much more.

AL went to the mothership, and brought back nothing for Rod.

Episode 54 - Swetha Sankaran - Teams, Hub Sites, Azure Information Protection

We are back to regular programming with our first guest, the formidable Swetha Sankaran. AL caught up with her at this years MVP Summit. What a great inspiration she is to all women who want to get into Information Technology. As always, we cover the news, and this week we talk about new Teams updates, Hub sites finally rolling out and a ton of AL's favourite stuff, Azure Information Protection. No Blooper at the end of the show though...

Just AL and Rod - Nothing to see here.

Episode 53 - Last of the no interviews - Teams and Planner!

Its the first month of the new year (Cos Jan was v2 of 2017) and Microsoft is still churning out quality updates. Will it ever stop? Al and Rod cover new Teams updates, much to the horror of generic users. They delve into cool Planner features and Office 365 for Education. As always, Rod pushes the boundaries of his friendship with AL through tons of PowerApps and Flow stuff. Catch AL and Rod live from Tech Summit in Cape Town this week.

A year of Episodes - Bring on 2018!

Episode 52 - The hardest show to edit - And OneDrive!

We didn't think they would last beyond episode 30. It's official, 2 guys and SharePoint have 52 episodes in the bag! Here's to another 52! Anyhow, back to regular programming, Rod and AL talk about the new OneDrive Files Restore, Bulk Metadata editing for SharePoint Online, some guidance information for Teams and Rod continues to do more PowerApps things. Apparently it annoys AL. Thank you one and all for listening to the show!

We made AL let Rod talk about Flow.

Episode 51 - Rod Takes over with Flow - 1st EP of the year

We are back!! Happy 2018 everyone! Although, it feels very much like v.2 of 2017. Never mind that, we are excited to get the first show out. Its just Rod and AL in the "almost studio". You will notice the sound quality problems as the sound proofing kit has not arrived yet. In this week, we cover new Flow Analytics and Connectors, more PowerApps stuff, and then more Flow connectors. And as always, the regular news updates since we were last on air.

When Consultants become like Prince.

Episode 50 - The Former Cloud Mouth - More Flow and PowerApps

And in this final show of the year, we caught up with the consultant previously known as The Cloud Mouth, Loryan Strant about his view on all the bits of Office 365 and the cloud. In the news this week we cover mobile notifications, Shared with ME tab now available in Word, Excel and PowerPoint and much much more.

When iPhones clash with Timezones.

Episode 49 - Tech Academy - Resources for the IT Pro

The Timezone debacle. AL hooked up with some peeps in Australia and got the zones mixed, hence the lack of a guest on this weeks show. Besides, Rod and AL can actually do a show without guests!! In this show, we cover resources for IT Pro's wanting to skill up on Office 365 and Azure, Azure Migrate, Document Metadata in SharePoint Online, Office 365 user adoption information, and much much more.

We got an earful of Azure and Flannel.

Episode 48 - Warren du Toit, Azure MVP - Compliance Manager

What happens when Microsoft starts cozying up to Linux? They end up converting hardcore linux people to Microsoft tech and then they start loving it and become MVP's. Warren du Toit drops some crazy Azure knowledge on this weeks show. Also, in the news, we talk about the new Compliance Manager from Microsoft, New OneDrive Flow stuffs, and much much more.

Forcing AL to listen to Country Music...

Episode 47 - The Country Beard Daniel Glenn - New Flow Stuff

The man that bought a Garth Brooks double CD for Alistair Pugin is on the show. We chat to him about his world and where the industry is going with the new way of working with Microsoft Technologies. NOTE: Testing new remote recording software so AL's audio once again is a bit messy during the interview. We also cover all the new things this week, including Forms capabilities, Project links to Planner, the new App launcher and SharePoint Online Limits.

We kindnapped The Booklay!

Episode 46 - When Christian Buckley comes to town - Microsoft Connections

With October being SharePoint Saturday (well its more Office 365, SharePoint and Azure Saturday) month, Mr Booklay as he is now known, came out to SA to spread the word of Microsoft at not only the 3 major events, but also jumped on a minibus taxi with the core team to travel from Johannesburg to Cape Town, stopping in Bloemfontein, East London and Port Elizabeth. We caught up with him in Hermanus for a chat. As always, we cover the latest Microsoft news, including Microsoft Connections, Skype 4 Business and a lot, lot more.

They let AL back into the country. Dammit!

Episode 45 - Ignite 2017 Announcements

Just AL and Rod this week, but they cover soo much!! Skype, Teams, SharePoint 2019, Hub Sites, Machine Learning, Bing for Business. We got tired just typing this out. Both AL and Rod are prepping for SharePoint Saturday Johannesburg and we will be doing some schweet live streams and recording at the event. So keep checking out our Twitter page for more info!.

We are live from Ignite! w00t!

Ignite Podcast - 2 Guys And SharePoint - Metalogix And Content Panda

Yes, we were at Ignite and we did a show at the Podcast center!! How awesome is that! Gran the video here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_aloDyzUdw&t=26s So the story goes as follows: We managed to get the CEO of Metalogix, Trevor Hellebuyck and Heather Newman, the CMO of Content Panda to talk about the impact of Teams on traditional content management. As always, some news, this time announcements from Ignite. AND much much more!.

2GAS enters Middle Earth!

Episode 43 - Kiwi Darrell Webster - External Teams Access

9 more sleeps until the largest Technology conference on the planet, Microsoft Ignite!! But the show must go on so we went to Middle Earth to find the Orc, Darrell Webster from REgarding 365 land to talk about change and adoption.AND even before Ignite, Microsoft goes and flips the External Access for Teams!! We have only been waiting like forever for this. All millennials are rejoicing as we speak! We also cover the usual news including online workbook size limits and Rod's "Go with the Flow".

The meaning of Life is 42!

Episode 42 - Need we say More - The State of ECM with Warren Marks

42 Episodes in. Who would have thought. Thanks to all our listeners. Without you, it would just be AL and Rod talking shop like they do all the time. We caught up with our Heckler, the formidable Warren Marks to gauge where the world of Microsoft is after the restructure announcements at Inspire. As always we cover the news, talking Cloud App Security, the new iPad Yammer app, OneNote Classroom inside of Teams and much, much more.

How bohemian is Los Angeles!

Episode 41 - Ignite Leadup - MFA and SP Flows

AL disappears to Los Angeles to a secret client but posts all over the interwebs. There's no guest this week as we lead up to the largest geekfest on the planet, Microsoft Ignite, 25th to 29th September 2017. w00t!! AND we will be podcasting live from there! Super Amped! However, the show must go on; we talk about Ignite and the lead up, we cover what little news there was, we talk MFA, SharePoint document library flows, and cover the local scene. We love our listeners. Apparently its a Millenial thing. Who would have thought.

When an expat comes onto the show!

Episode 40 - Dynamics Quest with Chris HuntingFord - OneDrive 101

We managed to track down the man with the greatest voice over vocals in the IT industry. None other than the infamous Chris HuntingFord. That's Ford with a capital F. Our tattoo'ed CRM God chats to us about how the technology has progressed and morphed into the Dynamics 365 icon in the Office 365 app Launcher. We also launched 2 new segments. Rod now does "Go with the Flow" instead of PowerShell and AL does something stupid called "New Features AL did not know about, of the week"... As always, we cover the latest news, including OneDrive, O365 DLP updates, and much much more!

When Microsoft does amazing stuff!.

Episode 39 - Microsoft Inspire Top 5 takeaways - Microsoft 365

In this weeks show, we kept it all about the latest news from Microsoft. Enter Microsoft 365. Rod and AL covers what it means, how much the Microsoft world is worth to Partners and how everything is moving at pace, to the cloud. They also talk about Azure Stack been shipped with appliances from DELL, HP and Lenovo which is very cool. As always, there's more Office 365 news, some cool updates and also SQL Server 2017 moving ahead with its first RC. Grab it now!.

When the Brits talk to us.

Episode 38 - Matthew Hughes - Microsoft Inspire Recap - New O365 Apps

Episode 38, the Londoner, Matthew Hughes is on the show. AL spent the week with him at Microsoft Inspire. They chat about how media influences purchasing and his business partner Adam King takes us through his experience with the Microsoft Community. We cover the breaking news from Microsoft Inspire, including the new Microsoft 365, the new partner program and the new Business Premium Apps being released for Small Businesses, and much much more.

The no-Guest Product Breakdown.

Episode 37 - Communication Sites Lowdown - AddOns Competition

AL is off to Microsoft Inspire so we did a quick show this week. He also had something to say about Microsoft's new Communication Sites roll out for SharePoint Online, which we breakdown for the listeners. Also, our very first competition. We want to know from you, what your favourite SharePoint AddOn is. Our Top 5 listeners will receive our very first 2 Guys and SharePoint t-shirt later next month. Comment here or on Facebook.

Welcome to the Blankman Zone.

Episode 36 - Nicolas Blank has taken over - Communication sites, and more

Our first MCM on the show! Goosebumps. AND he is one of only 8 Exchange MCM/MVP combo's on the planet. *Big Deal*. With AL travelling to Cape Town to track down the one and only Nicolas Blank, Rod had been waiting for the interview so that he and AL could do the rest of the show. Instead Nic hijacked this weeks entire show. AL chatted to him about his role changing from traditional Exchange to more business consulting. We also cover the latest news, including a wrap up of last month's releases from Microsoft. Regular programming will continue this week.

The Vladinator - Nothing more needed.

Episode 35 - The Vlad Catrinescu - Stream and more

The Vlad is here people. We have him on the show! Hot off the back of the SHARE Conference in South Africa. The man with "the sexiest lisp in IT" quote--unquote, talks to us about the move from ITPro to Business Consultants and what impact he is seeing with the grown of citizen developers in the Office 365 space. We cover the Stream GA announcement this week, Microsoft Dictate and our other usual segments. Don't forget the blooper reel after the closing track.

The formidable King of Migration is here.

Episode 34 - When Jonty Strolls into Town - All about migration!

The man with the largest, uhm, knowledge about migrations to and from SharePoint, Mr Jonty Collins, climbed into our mobile studio this week to talk about where the world is regarding migration and how we in SA compare to Australia. This week is very apt as South Africa prepares for the arrival of Microsoft Datacenters in Johannesburg and Cape Town. As always we cover the usual weekly Office 365 and other Microsoft news, and a lot, lot more

AL is back from his EuroTrip, Back to normal.

Episode 33 - The SharePoint Framework Edition + AL is back!

Look ma, a new toolchain! Oh and AL is back from his EuroTrip. This week we chat to Sébastien Levert, the happiest guy in SharePoint. He has fallen in love with Intranets and wants you to love his Intranet. Makes sense that he works at Valo. We talk all things "moving to the SPFx" and also cover the usual news from the world of Microsoft..

Short Podcast Alert!!!.

Episode 31 - We finally did a short Podcast. BUILD news and more.

Wow, so our goal in the beginning of this Podcast show was to create shorter, more "condensible" shows. And after 30 shows, we managed just that. No guest, Just Odd and AL talking about the latest and greatest news from Microsoft. We cover all the innovations from the recent BUILD conference, OneDrive updates and a ton of other cool stuff.

This is the good looking issue.

Episode 30 - The Hottest Man in SharePoint, McM Brandon Botes, on Image Capture.

Where have the months gone. This is a special Man Crush Monday edition with the only McM in the SharePoint world, Mr Brandon Robert Botes. He talks to us about the state of the Paperless Office in South Africa, and the rest of MEA. We cover SQL 2017, new Dynamics/LinkedIn integration, Office 365 Use Case Guildance, and all of the latest news.

Who are you and what have you done with the Datacenter.

Episode 29 - The Datacenter Issue with Jozua Joubert and a bumper news edition.

Do you even Datacenter Bro? Is this still a thing with all of the cloudness going on? Well we find out by chatting to the only certified Datacenter guy we know, Jozua Joubert. Oh and he actually does SharePoint in real life. AND he worked in Adult Entertainment... That plus mental news about Azure, O365 Labels, new updates to Office Online Server, MS Cognitive Services and much much more.

We testing social statistics. A new timeslot for the show.

Episode 28 - What is Enterprise Information Management and how it applies to us.

After 27 episodes, we realized that we haven't really covered the science and theory behind what we talk about every week, Enterprise Information Management. So, EP28 is dedicated to dissecting what makes up EIM and how it applies to what we, AND you do. As always, we bring you the latest news, including Group retention, CodePlex info and much much more.

A person with a degree is on our show!

Episode 27 - Mr Thirsty, Andrew Shough, Lanteria, Dynamics CRM and much more

Our greatest fan, Andrew Shough, pronounce like "cough" according to his dad, finally came onto the show and wowsers... He has an Engineering Degree, is a dev and knows SharePoint and CRM. Why did we not get him on sooner. He shares his wealth of knowledge about SharePoint and CRM with us. Added to that, we cover the latest news, including a very popular feature, Product Find of the Week which in this week's show is Lanteria, an HR product for SharePoint. AND!! You can now find us on TuneIn!! Woot!

A Quarter century of episodes!

Episode 26 - More Teams, Azure Bootcamp, March O365 Roundup

Can you believe that we are past a quarter century! In celebrating this, we do not have a guest this week on the show. We do cover all the great things happening in the Microsoft space. A.K.A. "Your weekly news digest". This week we cover, More Teams, Tech Summit Copenhagen, Tech Community information, the upcoming Azure bootcamp in Jozi, Microsoft AI (Yes, again), Bookings, and MS FindTime. How is it that even without a guest, we can still hit more than 30 minutes of stuff!

Who said we didn't like Yammer???

Episode 25 - The Yammer show with Mel and Becky

Yes, they have taken over the show. AND we love it! Two of the brightest "recreational IT" people on the planet, Melanie Hohertz and Becky Benishek talk to us about all things Yammer. Suffice to say, we go the real version, not the Microsoft version of what Yammer is and how to implement an Enterprise Social Network the right way. Amy, you were missed! We needed you to keep it sane. As always, we have news on Teams, Outages, some cool stuff for Outlook on Mac and much, much more!

The state of Records Management, yes, we did!

Episode 24 - Addressing the state of Records Management with Warren Marks

New kit means working on the Interview quality. Apologies for the sound. So, we decided to talk about the elephant in the room, the elusive concept and often missed Records Management. As PoPI is being pushed into industry, most people forget about RM. Well up until the auditors show up and everyone runs scared. We cover the how, the what, and the which in this episode. As always we bring you the latest news, Teams have gone GA and Microsoft keeps pushing out more advancements into Office 365. How do you keep up??

Mr Popular, the ever elusive Troy Gerber is on the show!

Episode 23 - Troy Gerber: Mr Popular, Teams, SPAdminBot and more

Mr Popular, Troy Gerber is on the show this week. He drops some knowledge about his experiences in the industry. He actually went to Microsoft and then came back into the partner ecosystem. Who gives up the best email address on the planet?? And we share the usual news, which includes updates on Teams, Office Graph, SharePoint 2016 on Azure and Windows Server on ARM. Yes!! And my personal favourite, the SP Admin Bot!

The Peoples Developer, Mr Andrew Connell!! Woot!

Episode 22 - Andrew Connell - The Dev's Dev, SPFx, news.

The one and only "Peoples Developer". The legendary Andrew Connell is on the show! He lays down the law about development in SharePoint and Office 365 and gave us the best explanation of what the SharePoint Framework really is. And also gives us insight into where SharePoint development is going and how to get started in the space. This plus the usual news about new and exciting stuff in the Microsoft space..

And we have an exclusive!! Yip, we are awesome!

Episode 21 - Nintex, OneNote, OneDrive and Yammer.

We managed to finally get hold of Stephan Gous and Palesa Sikwane from Nintex to chat to us about all things forms and workflow. Hot off the back of their annual InspireX conference in New Orleans, we got the first exclusive scoop on whats coming from this global company. As always, we bring you the latest Office 365 news and our formidable Powershell script of the week.

Our guests are back on the show!

Episode 20 - Paul Keys, Microsoft Ignite and more news.

The legendary Paul Keys sat down with us this week to talk about his experiences in the UK and the rest of Europe and how it compares to the South African market. As always, we bring you the latest news from Microsoft, including the new Office 365 roadmap, PnP news for Feb and much, much more.

The Tech Summit came to Jozi and it was Awesome!

Episode 19 - Tech Summit Recap, News of the week, etc

After a rigorous and very enlightening 2 days at the Microsoft Tech Summit, we recap on what our take-aways were, the conversations we had with attendees and speakers and the overall feeling of the direction that Microsoft is going into. And as always, the latest news from the Interwebs.

You want to do what with my Migration?

Episode 18 - Migration Considerations.

We have been inundated with requests, calls, tweets, etc about doing a session on SharePoint Migrations. In this episode we cover the strategies, planning, tooling, options and what to look out for when moving from SharePoint on-Prem to primarily the cloud. Afterall, this is where most companies are moving to.

Back to School, Back to weekly Podcasts

Episode 17 - Women in Technology.

We are back in full swing for 2017. This weeks podcast was inspired by the march after Trump's inauguration. We focus on Women in Technology and talk to Tracy Van der Schyff about her experiences in the Microsoft space. As always we bring you all the latest news, covering the upcoming Tech Summit, the soon to be released new Information Worker initiatives for 2017, including a new site and much, much more..

What happens when you put 2 opinionated leaders in the Industry, in the same room?

Episode 16 - Top 5 Predictions for 2017 from the Pienaar and the Wazza.

The first Episode for 2017, from 2017! Our formidable Industry Insider, the real Francois Pienaar, compares notes with the eloquent Heckler, Warren Marks about what their predictions are for the Microsoft space in 2017.

Live from Seattle, we are global!!! and our first YouTube vid as well. Apologies for the YouTube sound quality

Episode 15 - Live from the MVP Summit in Nov 2016

Like Star Wars, we bring you a recording from the MVP Summit in November of 2016. We sit down with the South African MVP's that attended the yearly MVP Summit at Microsoft headquarters in Seattle and chat to them about how they got into the program and what inspires them.

Episode 14 - Wrap up of the year, Plans for the New Year.

As this year draws to a close, we reflect on all the cool stuff that's come out of Microsoft over the last 12 months, where we think the industry is going with technology and what the plans are for 2 Guys and SharePoint in 2017. We will be back on the 10th of Jan - We too need a break. Thank you for listening and have a fantastic festive season. Catch you next year!!

Episode 13 - Mr Migration, Johan Myburgh - LinkedIn Integration.

Lucky Number 13. The one and only King of Migrations, Johan Myburgh, imparts his knowledge around where migrations are going in South Africa and what to look for when considering migrating from various environments. We also talk through Microsoft's direction with LinkedIn and what other User Groups there are at Community Night.

Episode 12 - Resident Industry Insider, Francois Pienaar, News wrap up for November.

As always, the first Tuesday of the month features none other than the Real Francois Pienaar, our resident industry insider on what is happening in South Africa; in the SharePoint and Microsoft space. This month also see's the news wrap up for November, covering the latest bits from Office 365 to look out for.

What a week, Planner, Yammer, Teams and Groups.

We finally tracked down the elusive Vanessa Raath who chatted to us about career planning in the SharePoint space and why she is seen as a "poacher" at SharePoint Saturday. We also kicked off the new "Stump the Presenters" segment, where you get to ask your questions. This week we got asked to cover Planner, Yammer, Teams and Groups.

Our 10th Episode!

After a great session with Warren Marks at SharePoint Saturday JHB, we realised that we had to have him as a resident on the show, mainly because he always debates the status quo. Enter "The Heckler". Warren will feature as our guest on the 4th Tuesday of every month. We are super excited to have him onboard..

Teams, Feature Packs and more!

Alistair is back from the yearly MVP Summit in Seattle (A.K.A. the pilgrimage to the mothership), under NDA though. We discuss Teams, the new on-Prem feature pack for SharePoint 2016 and digital transformation in South Africa.

Port Elizabeth, you beauty!

After finishing our event in Port Elizabeth, we caught up with speakers, Matt Hughes and Vlad Catrinescu and chatted to them about all things SharePoint. First George and now PE, we sure do get around. Plus our usual news updates, etc.

We are up the coast! The first aOS ROadtrip ever!

Our first stop is in George at the George Municipality. We caught up with Stephan Jansen van Vuuren, a long time friend of Alistair's and the man responsible for the municipality adopting Office 365. Added to that, we chat to 2 of the international speakers on the road trip, Sébastien Levert and Aurélien Prévot about their first journey out to South Africa.

Grabbing International speakers, as one does...

This weeks podcast features none other than the one and only SharePoint Nomad, Sandy Ussia (Pronounced You-See-Her) We talk to her about her experiences in the SharePoint industry, the app ecosystem and what her views are on where apps are going.

Coming to you live from SharePoint Saturday Johannesburg 2016!!

We sat down with some of the speakers from SharePoint Saturday and chatted to them about their experiences in the industry, how the day was going and what advice they would give to SharePoint people in general.

Figured out what 2GuysAndSharePoint is about yet??

The first Tuesday of every month, we have our Resident Industry Insider, the REAL Francois Pienaar, share his opinions on what the goings on are in the SharePoint and Office 365 world, more specifically in South Africa. With his quirky humour and boyish charm, he is guaranteed to keep you interested.

We go Global!!

Our "Roving Reporter", Bradley Geldenhuys, live from Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta. Microsoft's largest conference on the planet. Lots of new and exciting features coming to Office 365 and SharePoint. As usual, the rest of the news for South Africa, upcoming events, etc. We still having issues with sound, our Podcasting kit will arrive shortly.

Our First Interview

Its our very first Interview!! This week we interview Tracy van der Schyff about her "Around the office in 365 Days" Journey and how she got into SharePoint, Plus all the local South African news. Excuse the Audio quality...

Our First Show

Its our very first Podcast, So we did the general overview and introductions and covered some news. Please excuse the sound quality and hiccups, not that there are many as Rod is excellent at editing.

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